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Gnet Wireless PC Card and PCI Adapters

The Gnet 22Mbps 802.11b Plus wireless PC Card & PCI adapters eliminate the constraints imposed by wired solutions and grant you the freedom to work from just about anywhere, be it a desk, a boardroom or a warehouse, while providing you complete access to network resources. These cards operate in either the Peer-to-Peer (Ad-hoc) mode giving you the flexibility to build Peer-to-Peer networks, or in the Infrastructure mode, allowing you to connect to wired Ethernet networks via an access point.
Key Features

Gnet Wireless USB Adapter

Gnet 11Mbps Wireless USB Adapters allow you to easily integrate any PC or laptop into your wireless network. The Plug-and-Play Gnet USB Network Adapter connects directly to any USB-ready PC or notebook - just plug it in and you will be connected to the wireless network. User-friendly software is simple to set up.
Key Features

IP104W 22Mbps Wireless Access Point/Router

The Gnet IP104W ADSL/Cable broadband Router with 22Mbps wireless Access Point offers an ideal networking solution for home and business users that are looking for secure Internet sharing and wireless mobility. This platform independent Router combines a 22Mbps wireless Access Point, 4-port 10/100Mbps
Ethernet Switch, Print Server, NAT firewall and
Virtual Private Network (VPN) support into one versatile product.
Key Features

Building to Building Wireless

The multifunctionality of the Gnet NP2000 provides an 11Mbps 802.11b Access Point (bridge) and Antenna(15dBi). In addition, it is an outdoor, weatherproof unit that comes with a 50' outdoor Cat5e cable. It is simple to install and affordable.
Key Features


Model Description
NP0461 PCI to PCMCIA Adapter(bulk)
NP2000 11Mbps wireless Integrated Access Point/Bridge/15dBi Antenna
NP0650-GA 22Mbps 802.11b PLUS wireless PC Card
NP0655 Wireless 22Mbps 802.11b PCI (PCI Adapter + PC Card, 802.11b PLUS)
NP0660-GA 22Mbps 802.11b PLUS wireless Access Point (replaced by IP104W)
IP104W 22 Mbps Wireless Router with Access Point
NP0656 Wireless 22Mbps PCI Card (802.11b PLUS)
NP0471 11Mbps Wireless USB Adapter (replaces the NP0470)

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